Actresses Doing Their First Lesbian Scenes

Shay Mitchell in Pretty Little Liars

Shay Mitchell stars in the show Pretty Little Liars, where she locked her lips with one of her female co-stars. Her character is Emily Fields, who loves to have casual hookups. She was born in Canada and is a rising star in Hollywood. We are sure to see her in more lesbian shows or movies in the future.

Glee – Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera loved her lesbian kissing scenes in this show. She got famous by playing Santana Lopez, a bisexual cheerleader. Rivera loved her scenes and said she even preferred kissing girls to the men on the show.

Orange is the New Black – Laura Prepon

Orange is the new Black features a lot of hot girl-on-girl action and star Laura Prepon is always hooking up with other girls on the show. She indicated she loved the chemistry between her and star Taylor Schilling during their scenes

The 100 – Eliza Taylor

The 100 is about a future that has been devastated by nuclear war but that doesn’t stop the hot lesbian action. Eliza Taylor met and kissed Lexa, a character on the show. Eliza Taylor indicated that she loved the scene between the two of them.

Younger – Molly Bernard

This show has a talented cast and some great lesbian action as well. Molly Bernard and fellow actress, Debi Mazar got into some steamy action together and Molly Bernard indicated that she loved doing the scenes with her co-star. She looks forward to more.

Jennifer’s Body – Amanda Seyfried

Jennifer’s Body featured some hot lesbian scenes, even though it did poorly at the box office. It was even hotter when Amanda Seyfried got it on with killer babe Megan Fox. This went on for the entire movie. Amanda Seyfried admitted that she loved the scenes and frankly, we did too!

Morning Brew – Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is insanely hot to begin with, but lesbian action with her is almost too much to take. She got into it in Morning Brew with not only Penelope Cruz, but Charlize Theron as well. Cold showers are definitely on the way.


We hope more actresses start doing lesbian scenes, as they are always hot and well worth seeing, even of the rest of the movie is less than stellar.